Friday, August 6, 2010

My Children and Our San Damiano Crucifix

We received a large San Damiano crucifix as a wedding present almost 9 years ago now and I have always been amazed at my children's attachment to it. As an infant I remember my son (almost 8 now) laying in his support pillow and "chatting" with it. He would coo and giggle. I always wondered what on earth he was talking about but I knew that Our Lord enjoyed their little conversations. Then my daughters, not quite as avid conversationalists, wanted me to take it down from the wall so they could hold it and hug it and sometimes sit on it. I know Jesus, who understands us better than we understand ourselves, wants us to let "the little children to come to Him". So, my toddler has taken a recent interest in it and would implore me to take it down from the wall so she too could "rough Him up in love". Being a very busy mom I took it down and let her see it and then got distracted with my day. Later I realized it wasn't on the wall. It wasn't on the bed. Where is it?? I still haven't found it. Its about two feet long?? Where could she have put it!?! Perhaps my clepto 3 year old obsconded with it. So, if you would ~ sat a little prayer to St. Anthony for me so that I find it. I know I will ~ but when. I know Jesus doesn't mind after hanging in so many houses and not having any attention paid to Him. I pray my children will remember these encounters with Our Lord when, later in life, their Faith will be threatened as it inevitably will be. Dearest Lord, stay with my children. Never let them forget You. Knock on the door of their hearts til it opens and steal their hearts just as they have stolen You :).

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