Friday, December 3, 2010

Some Clotherspin People

Here are some clothespin people I recently made with my children. It is such a rewarding craft as after they are finished they can play with them! Using some fabric scraps and trim we have turned ordinary pieces of wood into little works of art. Also, I am always surprised and delighted to see how much they enjoy playing with the things they make even if they are "imperfect". Also, it is a great way to introduce a little sewing to your child. There isn't too much of it so they don't become tired of it. Once finished they have their own dollhouse doll! My son wouldn't go for the sewing however. He thought his "man peg" looked fine without. I tried to convince him to make his into a bear as his mouth reminded me of a bear snout but he decided to keep him the way he was.

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