Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adventures in sewing

I love to sew but have only managed to make one thing for my Etsy shop. On the left is the photo of my daughter wearing a top I made for her and on the right is a photo of my daughters in dresses I made from the Portabello Pixie pattern. I LOVE these dresses. This is the joy of being able to make things for yourself. My daughter got bike grease (ACK!) on a lovely pair of pants I sewed for her from Amy Butler fabric. Talc or baby powder is great for getting out certian grease stains ~ ones that just make the fabric look wet and don't have much color. Don't dry it in the dryer until you are satisfied the powder has absorded it enough. It may take a few days of leaving the powder on the spot. In the end the grease did not completely come out of the pants ~ it left a light stain. It is ok - its kinda like a status symbol to my daughter I think. However, grease got on another dress I didn't sew and I used Goof Off and it worked great!


  1. Hi Jen I found you because we both have an interest in Catholic Mysticism and I also love all Jane Austen novels. Jane Austen is my mother's ancestral third cosuin throughthe knight family (who also adopted her brother Edward).

    cheers athol

  2. Wow - glad to meet you!! I just realized you posted! I am new to this blogging thing. Hope you come back again!!