Monday, October 18, 2010

The Need For Silence

I was watching a documentary called Into Great Silence with my husband last night which one would either find very boring or very illuminating. It is a documentary made by a man who spent six months living with a group of Carthusian monks who live in a secluded monastery in the French Alps. He takes you through their days working, praying, fixing a pair of hiking boots with glue and a fun sledding excursion. All was silence except when they chanted or went on their hike during recreation. It occurred to me that silence is indeed golden. It opens one's mind and soul to God. It allows God's whisper-like voice to come through and not be drowned out by the blare of all that vies for our attention.

Ironically, earlier that day I had been very frustrated about the unending task of keeping all of my worldly possessions (as well as the kids') in a decent state of order. I would call this material noise. It is everywhere. I have a problem getting rid of useful things. So, like all Americans, I simply have too much. I need to pray to cure myself of this dreaded disease!

If you would like a little mini-retreat I would highly suggest this movie. If you want to be entertained in a frivolous way then perhaps don't. There is a little speech given at the end by one of the monks on the reasons NOT to be afraid. Basically, the reason is God's love. He does look after His own - but we need to become His own and welcome Him.